Old Zagreb sightseeing tour at Croatian National Theater

City tour passing by Croatian National Theater

During one of our historical city sightseeing tour we are driving around Croatian National Theater and here you can read something about it famous history. The development of European cities in the second half of the 19th century and…
Old Zagreb sightseeing tour below Lotrscak Tower

Lotrščak Tower and Grič cannon - Old Zagreb sightseeing tour

One of the Old Zagreb tour starting point and sightseeing attraction is the Lotrščak Tower and Grič Canon. The Lotrščak Tower (Croatian: Kula Lotrščak, pronounced [kǔːla lotrʃtʃâːk]) is a fortified tower located in Zagreb, Croatia, in an old part of town called Gradec or Gornji grad (Upper Town). The tower, which dates to the 13th century, was built to guard the southern gate of the Gradec town wall. The name is derived from Latin campana latrunculorum, meaning "thieves' bell", referring to a bell hung in the tower in 1646 to signal the closing of the town gates.
Luxury Travel Guide winner

Old Zagreb tour wins Luxury Travel Guide award

This time the Luxury Travel Guide award goes to the Old Zagreb Tour in the Croatian capital Zagreb in category Exclusive Tour Operator of the Year 2017 - Croatia. The Eco Group company from Zagreb which was founded earlier this year among other services also provides an unforgettable sightseeing and a unique experience of time travel to its clients, citizens of Zagreb and their guests.